1. For safety reasons (unsupervised and fence-free swimming pool, steep stairs…) all children less than 13-year-old must be attended at all times by a parent or approved adult. All children must stay under the supervision and the responsibility of their parents.
  2. Guests staying at « Le Passe-Temps » must abid to the Thai laws and must be respectful of the other guests, the staff, and the locals. Unrespectful behavior may lead to an immediate end of their stay, after the total payment of all due amounts, of any prejudice, and without refund of the deposit paid.

Bookings and deposits:

Bookings are compulsory for stays longer than 3 days and will be confirmed only after the reception of a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the stay.

We will take into account the value of the deposit appearing in our Thai bank account net of all transfers and bank fees.

Unless agreed beforehand, a booking will be considered as a “no-show” and automatically cancelled if the guests have not arrived before 8:00 pm on the first day of their booking.

Special conditions will apply in case of privatization of the resort (please contact us for more information).

Accepted payments:

Cash (Thai Baht), transfer to our bank accounts, Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay), Paypal, Alipay. Bank fees must be paid by the guests.

Payment by credit card (+3% charge) is accepted only for room expenses, meals, drinks and laundry. Activities, transportation, shop and other various expenses will have to be paid by cash.


All bank fees stay at the canceler’s charge.

During High and Peak Season
Cancellation occurring more than 60 days (1440 hours) prior arrival : full refund of the deposit paid, at the exchange rate on the day of the cancellation, net of bank fees, minus administrative charge (1000 Baht).
Between 60 and 31 days (1440 h – 744 h) prior arrival: 25% of the total invoice is due, plus the administrative charge (1000 Baht).
From 30 to 16 days (720 h – 384 h) prior arrival: 50% of the total invoice is due.
15 days or less (360 h) prior arrival or no-show*: 100% due (all rooms and activities or services booked).

During Low Season:
Cancellation occurring more than 30 days (720 h) prior arrival: full refund minus administrative charge (1000 Baht).
From 30 to 7 days (720 h – 168 H): 20% of the total invoice is due.
7 days (168 h)or less: 30% of the total invoice is due (all rooms and activities or services booked).

*No-show without notice before 8:00 pm on the arrival date.

Transfers and check-ins/check-outs:

The night rate (+30%) will be applied for transfers between 7:00 pm and 8:00 am.

Check-in: 2:00 pm

Check-out: 12:00 pm

Early check-in (before 12:00 pm) or late check-out (after 2:00 pm): Full price of the room.

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